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New Free Photoshop Brushes For Designers

New Free Photoshop Brushes For Designers

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New Free Photoshop Brushes For Designers


This is a collection of New Free Photoshop Brushes which contain a lot of individual brushes of different sizes and styles. Free Photoshop Brushes can save time and money, so we’ve rounded up amazing free brushes and add-ons for Photoshop.  All of these brushes are free for designers. Enjoy

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Free High Res Nebula Galaxies & Star Brushes (15 Brushes)

In this package there are 15 high-resolution galaxy and star Photoshop brushes, perfect for creating space related backgrounds and artwork.35_PS_Brushes 01


Free Subtle Grunge Brushes (10 Brushes)

This set contains 10 subtle grunge brushes designed to give your work a distressed appearance, giving your work an aged retro look and feel.35_PS_Brushes 02


Free Photoshop Smoke Brushes (13 Brushes)

This pack contains 13 high quality Photoshop smoke brushes perfect for your next design project.35_PS_Brushes 03


Free Water Splash Photoshop Brushes (11 Brushes)

This package, created by Niño Batitis, contains 11 high-resolution water splash brushes.35_PS_Brushes 04


Free Spray Splatter Brush Pack (12 Brushes)

This pack contains 12 high-resolution spray splatter-style brushes, fantastic for adding grunge and dirty effects to your designs.35_PS_Brushes 05


Free Watercolour and Ink Photoshop Brushes No.5 (25 Brushes)

Here is the fifth instalment of our Watercolor and Ink photoshop brushes series, all of which are completely free to use personally and commercially.35_PS_Brushes 06


Free Realistic Charcoal Photoshop Brushes

Lately I have been experimenting with brush editor in Photoshop aiming for resembling some traditional media tools.35_PS_Brushes 07


Free Watercolor Paint Brushes

a collection of 83 high resolution free watercolor brushes. Use these paint marks to create colorful backgrounds giving your woks a cool artistic feel. Download these free paint brushes and enjoy!35_PS_Brushes 08


Free Ink Splatters Brushes

free splatter brushes for Photoshop. The set contains 10 faded ink splatters which are perfect for creating various titles and labels.35_PS_Brushes 09


Free Watercolor Splatters

If you like this, please remember to favorite it – it really means a lot to me. You can use this stock for any artwork without attributions.35_PS_Brushes 10


Free Paint Trails brushes

Today some trails & smudges using paint! Paint Trails contains 7 HQ brushes (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up!35_PS_Brushes 11


Free 12 Strings And Bubbles Brushes

12 Strings And Bubbles Brushes. They have a high Resolution so the download could take some time.Hope You like them and Have fun.35_PS_Brushes 12


Free WaterColor EXTREMUM

Today some fresh watercolor brushes WaterColor EXTREMUM. This HUGE pack contains 41 (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up!35_PS_Brushes 13


Free Dirtbag hd brushes download

Yep, it’s the first set of brushes made in Photoshop CS6. Enjoy 15 super-dirty, super-grungy, super-free brushes.35_PS_Brushes 14


Free Grungy Galaxies Brushes

A free brush which consists of a variety of textures which create a celestial effect. The random hazy textures and cloud-like textures in combination with light dots as stars and flared twinkling stars can be used to create an epic cosmic sky, far away galaxies, or other space scenes.35_PS_Brushes 15


Free Flourishes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes – (28 Brushes)

Various flourishes and swirls. They are all made in a vectorized style. Also included are some “parts” – a leaf here, a swirl there – all made to add your own touches to these swirls and flourishes, so your design is unique.35_PS_Brushes 16


Free Watercolor Shapes and Splatters Brushes – (17 Brushes)

The zip contains 17 photoshop brushes in various sizes + jpg images35_PS_Brushes 17


School Dayz Sketches Photoshop and GIMP Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of sketches of school themed items.35_PS_Brushes 18


Free Photoshop Retro Subtle Brushes (10 Brushes)

You can use these set to create retro / vintage grungy effect over your text, images, logos, badges, backgrounds.35_PS_Brushes 19


Free Vintage Grunge Brushes (10 Brushes)

my first set of brushes in a long time, hope some of you can use it. preview was made with nothing then the brushes and some colors35_PS_Brushes 20


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